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Are you tired of spending your weekends and spare time trying to find the right home or investment property?

A Brisbane home (in Queensland, Australia). Purpose built for the Australian conditionsThe average buyer uses their spare time reading papers, trawling through web-sites, driving around on weekends looking in real estate windows and trying to get to as many open houses as possible.

At Morpheus Property we can help cut through the stress, time-wasting and the games played by Real Estate Agents.

Who will benefit from the Morpheus experience?

Bullet Point The astute property investor or developer
Bullet Point The home buyer whether its your first or your fifth
Bullet Point The person with little or no property experience or negotiation confidence
Bullet Point Absent buyers such as overseas and interstate investors
Bullet Point Busy professionals

The Morpheus Property Team are in the property market every day with relationships with agents all over Queensland and Australia. We see those properties that never “hit the market”. What the industry calls the silent sale and the properties of the motivated vendor that are never advertised.

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The Morpheus Team can help you

Bullet Point Choose home or investment finance
Bullet Point Deal with real estate agents
Bullet Point Understand property contracts
Bullet Point When the real estate agents attempt to use sales techniques and tricks
Bullet Point Want to know what to look for during property inspections and how to read a building report
Bullet Point Look for useful contacts and strategic partners for your investment journey

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The Morpheus Property Team on Property Searching

Searching for the right property can be time consuming and difficult. At Morpheus Property we not only take the pain out of the search process but we help you define what it is you are looking for.

Whether it is an investment property or your own home we can deliver the right property for you. Saving you stress, time, money and hassle.

Expertise is needed to get the right property. Martyn and Guy are both professional business people who understand property.
Relationship with agents. More than 20 years of investing in property has given the Morpheus Property team an edge in property investment.
Modern Australian house with blue sky.
We also have relationships with agents all over Australia so that we often get the inside run on those "silent" sales that never hit the market.

We work within agreed limits of price affordability. Sticking to limits in the heat of the moment when the pressure and emotion is rampant can be difficult. We will take the emotion out of any purchase and ensure that you don't pay too much for a property or more than you can afford.

We have bidding techniques that have a proven track record in improved auction control. We have honed our negotiation and bidding skills so that you are represented in the most effective way.

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Rental Readiness

You own the property "Now what?"

We help you prepare your most valuable asset for rental readiness and ensure you have a suite of professionals to help you with every aspect of managing an investment property.

Take the Rental Readiness Quick Test.

Choosing a suburb in which to live is mostly determined by your lifestyle, where you work, and proximity to transport, schools and shops. Choosing one in which to invest requires a different set of criteria. We can help you develop and assess the criteria that are right for your investment decision.

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