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Being investment ready means that when an opportunity comes up in the market you are ready to move on it. If the right home or investment becomes available you want to be ready to buy that property. Being investment ready is about having every “i” dotted and “t” crossed. Remember luck is just preparation meeting opportunity. Act and feel luckier with our support!

Modern Australian house with blue skyIf you do not start with a vision and goals for your investment journey and begin with an end in mind, the journey will be an endless meandering of unfocused acts and decisions. Decide whether you are after residential or commercial, house or unit, city or rural. Until you know what you’re after, you can’t go find it.

Have you considered asset protection and structuring? People always think about finance but often miss out one of the most important decisions – how will they hold the investment and what will be most tax effective for their situation. We have a range of strategic partners who can offer great advice in both of these areas.

What have you done to maximise cashflow and loan serviceability. There are many new banking products on the market today. Our strategic partner Crediflex can give you advice on all the finance options available, whether it is for your home, investment property, larger commercial deals or property development, they have the expertise to deal with your enquiry.

The Morpheus Property Investment Readiness Quick Test!

1. What type of property are you looking for? We can help define a checklist of criteria for the right property for you and improve your property search and selection.

2. Do you know where you want that next investment to be located?

3. Have you educated yourself on market prices and trends so that you are best prepared for the negotiation of your investment property?

4. Have you thought about asset protection and how you will hold the property – Your personal name, a family trust, a company etc …?

5. Do you have a reputable finance broker and do you know how much you can safely borrow? Financial Pre-qualification is Buying Power!

6. Have you sought professional advice on how to Maximise Tax Benefits?

7. Have you thought about the Insurance needs for property owners and landlords and the critical part it plays in any risk management strategy?

8. Have you thought about Contract negotiation and what terms and conditions you will put into the contract?

9. Do you know good building and pest inspection professionals?

10. Do you have the right solicitor doing your conveyancing?

11. If it is an investment will you manage the property yourself? If not do you know a great property management company?

12. Do you have your Morpheus Property representative? If you have all of this and the other things that we have on our investment readiness checklist then you are “Investment Ready”?

13. Have you identified any other trusted advisors you may need apart from those already mentioned?


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