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"Have your home inspected by a contractor holding a BSA Termite Management Chemical licence."

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TERMITE DAMAGE (April 11, 2007)
BSA General Manager Ian Jennings said that termites thrive in Queensland’s warm climate and virtually every area is susceptible to termite attack.

"Prevention is always better than costly treatment and home owners should follow simple steps to minimise the risk of termite infestation in their home," said Mr Jennings.

The steps are:

•Have your home inspected by a contractor holding a BSA Termite Management Chemical licence.

•Make sure your home is protected by preventative measures including physical barriers, chemical barriers, baiting systems or the use of termite-resistant building materials. These must be installed by a contractor holding a BSA Termite Management Chemical licence. Evidence of what type of system is currently protecting your home can be found on a sticker located in the meter box.

•Ensure timber pergolas, verandas and steps are not in contact with the ground.

•Be aware that nests in mature eucalypts, tree stumps and hardwood sleeper walls are potential sources of building infestations.

•Do not leave untreated timber lying around your yard or against the walls of your house.

•Do not build garden beds beside the walls of your house, and be extra careful not to have weep holes (small holes between the bricks near the ground) below soil level.

•If the floor is on stumps or brick piers, inspect the "ant" caps regularly for breaches, and make sure no flooring timbers are in contact with the ground.

•Don't buy a new home without a termite report from a BSA-licensed termite inspector.

•After the initial inspection, remember to have a professional pest inspection at least once a year. Don’t rely on an old report – the fact the house was termite-free last year doesn’t mean it still is.

•Don't rely on luck to protect your home. Even if your home is built on a concrete slab it still has a 'high' risk of termite attack.

•Don't assume your home was correctly pre-sprayed for termites when it was built. It probably wasn't.

Where a building is found to be infested, the infestation can only be chemically treated by a BSA licensed pest controller. The pest controller will attempt to locate and treat the source nest if possible, or install a chemical soil barrier or baiting system. •

Termites after a feed.
•Be vigilant and learn how to check for early signs of termite activity, which include veins or galleys running up the side of your home and evidence of disturbance around cracks or gaps in the dwelling. Always ensure you thoroughly check damp areas around your dwelling.
Download PDF version (32KB) - Don't Let Termites Eat Away Your Profits


Do you own an investment property in Queensland? "You need to know about the following changes in Queensland Law affecting Landlords and Tenants", said Guy Clarke from Morpheus Property.

Legislation has been passed that all rental properties as from 1 March 2006 must have a Safety Switch installed to the power circuit.

As from 1st July 2007 all rental homes must have at least one 9 volt battery Smoke Alarm installed on each level of the home either on or near the ceiling.

After installation of the smoke alarms the obligations for maintenance by the Landlord and Tenant commences:

The Landlord must clean and test all smoke alarms within 30 days of the commencement of a tenancy, including the renewal of an existing lease (the start of a new tenancy).

Ensure you check the 9 volt batter is charged.

Tenants have an obligation to replace any battery that is flat or nearly flat during their tenancy as well as report any fault or non working smoke alarm to the landlord or landlord’s agent.

"You should always be aware of these and other compliance obligations of Landlord’s and Tenant’s", said Guy.

The information here is general information only. If you require specific advice on your particular circumstances we can refer you to one of our Legal Partners. •


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